Growth Hormone Deficiency - Know how it is affecting your child?

Growth Hormone Deficiency embraces a disorder associated with the Pituitary Gland that is responsible for secreting the growth as well as other essential hormones. Such deficiencies can take place in adults as well as children, the latter affecting the regular growth of the child from beginning. When there is lesser production of the growth hormone, the child experiences stunted growth. In some cases, deficiencies might also cause normal growth up to a certain age and then witness a sudden attenuation in the levels of growth which results in the child being smaller in stature than those of his age. Take a glimpse at the causes, symptoms and treatment of pediatric growth hormone deficiency.


  • Congenital Causes- In most cases, the deficiency in growth hormone is a congenital one, that is present in the child inherently from birth. This might be caused by the presence of an abnormal pituitary gland that has not developed fully in the mother’s womb or might also be related to other congenital syndromes such as septooptic dysplesia.
  • Acquired Causes- Deficiency of growth hormone in children might also be acquired with no traces of it present inherently. Such acquired deficiencies might occur due to injuries caused to the brain for some reason, radiations passed to the brain, infections, traumatic experiences and the likes. It may also be caused due to medical conditions such as brain tumors and others affecting the normal development of the brain.


You can identify a child suffering from a growth hormone deficiency if you notice the following physiological symptoms’

  • A slower growth rate than the normal 2 inches per year which might even be witnessed after the child has turned 2 or 3 years of age. The child will have a shorter stature than his peers.
  • The face and waist will possess additional layers of fat than is normal and the child will tend to look much younger than others of the same age in either of the genders.
  • Other delayed developments include delay in the advent of puberty, delay in tooth development and the likes.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Deficiency in Growth Hormone in Children

Growth Hormone deficiency in children can be diagnosed through a number of tests and measurements of the normal growth protocols from time to time associated with weight and height. They can also be gauged through examination of the levels of growth hormone in the blood by several tests such as GNRH-arginine test, Insulin Tolerance tests and similar others.

Once diagnosed with a deficiency, the treatment involves trying to supplement the deficient growth hormone in the body through various methods. HGH supplements, HGH injections, and HGH sprays are some of the methods that can prove to be helpful in this regard. Make sure you consult a doctor to decide the method that will be best suitable for your child.

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