Beginner’s Guide for HGH Cycles

Human Growth Hormone has become very popular in the last few years. People have started knowing about this hormone its uses, and more importantly, the fact that it keeps the body young. Young does only mean looking youthful like your 20s but yes, comparitively younger with an energetic body that has as much stamina as it did when it was younger.

HGH is used for growth and weight training too.

HGH is produced by the pituitary gland in the body. When you are in your teens, the production of natural HGH is at its peak but it begins to lessen as your age increases. This affects the physical activity of the body and this is also the reason why growth does not occur after puberty.

After the importance and benefits of HGH was discovered, ways were found to administer HGH into the body in the form of HGH injections. Some companies manufactured HGH supplements containing nutrients that encourage the body to produce natural HGH. But to take complete advantage of this treatment, you also have to set an HGH cycle.

Your Doctor Can Tell You the Best

Before you begin with the HGH treatment talk to your doctor. Tell him about your goals and why you want to use HGH. Since you are using injections, take a prescription. When you consult your doctor, tell him about your medical history, the medications that you are taking and any other problem. Based on these, he will prescribe the right dosage and recommend the HGH cycle for treatment.  Also, ask your doctor about the benefits and side effects of HGH injections.

Recommended Dosage And Schedule

Injections after workout enhance physical benefits of HGH.

Your doctor will fix the daily dosage and then this will be further broken down into several injections. The injection is given half an hour after working out or in the morning for maximum benefit.

If the treatment is for rehabilitative purpose, then a dosage of approximately 0.6 IU is prescribed but if the treatment is for enhancing your performance, the recommended dosage will be vary between 0.6 to 4 IU in a day.

Avoiding Dependency

One cycle of HGH treatment lasts for 50 days and then there is a break for about 40 days.

The break given to HGH cycle for 40 days is so that you do not become dependent upon the HGH injection. This is also a part of the cycle. The injections contain actual HGH and the pituitary gland does not have to work to produce natural HGH, thus making it weak. Therefore, the break is given to keep the pituitary functioning properly.

Cost Of The Treatment

Each cycle of HGH treatment can exceed $2000. Therefore, although it is an effective option, it is a very expensive one. You have to go through the entire dosage cycle to benefit from the HGH treatment. Therefore, many people opt for HGH supplements, which are replacing the injections in terms of popularity. HGH supplements is an inexpensive option and almost equally effective.

It is necessary for you to consider all your options, before you start with an HGH cycle of treatment so that you can benefit from it. Since the treatment is expensive, you may like to consider other options too. Whichever option you choose, do consult your doctor before your start with the treatment!

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