HGH Safety – Things You Need to Know

The growth-regulating hormone, also known as Somatotrophin is actually HGH or Human Growth Hormone. It is often used to treat children with growth problems. It was discovered that children suffer from stunted growth when there are endocrine disorders. When other benefits of HGH were discovered, athletes began to use it to enhance their performance on field.

How Is HGH Dosage Measured?

IU is International that is used to measure the dosage of HGH.

The Unit used to measure HGH is IU. It can be a problem for those who are used to the mg measurement. To convert IU to mg, multiply the dosage measured in IU with 0.333 and vice versa.

The measurement is especially important for those who have been prescribed HGH injections for treatment. The recommended dosage per day is injected in multiple smaller doses. It is essential to know how to convert the dosage to mg for purposes of safety.


Get the HGH levels of your body checked before starting with the treatment, as HGH injections in those with normal HGH levels enhances the risk of contracting diseases.

An excess dosage in a person with normal HGH levels may cause side effects like increase in blood pressure or developing atherosclerosis or diabetes. It can also lead to diseases of kidney, liver and bone.

Mayo clinic recommends caution in taking HGH for people suffering from diseases like diabetes, underactive thyroids or tumors.

If you are one of those people, whose bodies do not produce enough HGH, then you must consult a doctor for prescribing the correct dosage of HGH injections especially if you are suffering from any serious illness or are on medications. The wrong dosage combined with medications for diseases can cause side effects like swelling in arms and legs and muscle pain. It is always better to be safe.

Safety Certificate

HGH is FDA-approved treatment especially for children with deficiency of growth hormone. The approval was given as long ago as 1985. 


The use of HGH has been under scanner for a lot of reasons. However, since it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and has also been used successfully in treating stunted growth and many other medical conditions, it is popular. The treatment encourages normal growth and increase lean muscle mass, bone density and metabolism.

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