Get Twice Or Even Thrice MORE Power From Your HGH Supplement Therapy Using 3 Simple Steps!

So you’re regularly using HGH supplements and therapy?


Then you sure have realized that HGH supplements and therapy give you a “no-work” and effortless weight loss and anti-ageing solution. All you have to do is is take your pill, tablet, or spray of HGH regularly…and that’s about it!

HOWEVER, just like in any therapy, there’s some ‘optimization’, some tweaking you can do to get twice or thrice more punch, so to speak, from your HGH supplements and therapy.

You’ll be gearing up your body to work 2 times more to produce better anti-ageing and weight loss results in half the time.

Here are some HGH therapy optimization tips you could put into action!

HGH Therapy Optimization Tip 1
HGH therapy combined with fat and sugar-rich milkshake and meal is NOT a very good combination!

Adjusting your diet is the very first step in optimizing Human Growth Hormone therapy. Instead of eating foods that are high on carbohydrates, which make you fatter by the way, go for foods that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids.

This fatty acid, which is usually found in fish, has been proven to help lower down your body’s bad cholesterol levels…augmenting the anti-bad cholesterol effects of human growth hormones.

HGH Therapy Optimization Tip 2
HGH is rich in proteins, and eating foods that are high in proteins and other nutrients is a surefire way to build up those lean muscles and strong bones.

Go for raw fruits, vegetables, and white meat like chicken, fish, etc. Sure you can eat red meat, BUT there are many advantages of white meat over the red ones. Aside from being a great source of body-strengthening protein, white meat is significantly lower on bad cholesterol.

So the next time you dine out, stick to chicken and fish as much as possible.

HGH Therapy Optimization Tip 3
Drinking water, and lots of it, is always healthy and that’s more than welcome!

Natural and safe to consume, one cannot have too much water. Matter of fact, it’s highly advisable for one to drink water as much as half of their weight in pounds.

Here’s a little-known fact – dehydration often disguises itself as hunger pangs. And these hunger pangs often drive us rushing to the dining table. HOWEVER, it’s been proven that a glass of water is more than enough to ward off those hunger pangs…and that means you won’t be tempted to eat unnecessarily.

And let’s NOT forget about the cleansing effects of water, especially for your colon! Your colon, by the way, is usually filled with harmful substances and waste buildup. Getting rid of them means a cleaner colon that leads to a healthier and better-performing body.

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