Is There an Age Requirement For Taking HGH Treatment?

While there has been a lot of buzz that surrounds HGH and its benefits, an important question that commonly baffles people is, when is the right age to begin taking HGH treatment?

Growth hormone is also the largest protein produced by the body. And although the naturally process of aging implies that the HGH levels begin to droop after 30 and are at its peak during the growing years of children, there are a few children who are detected with the deficiency of human growth hormone by birth. These are the children that you often see with stunted growth and signs of delayed maturity. In adults, the deficiency of HGH begins to arise as they grow old and are usually perceived in their lack of physical stamina, mental agility, disturbed sleep, depressive phases, wrinkles, age spots, amongst others.

So, can a child be treated for HGH in his prime just as an adult is treated in his 60s-70s? Let us find out….

Age Requirement For HGH Treatment

The benefits of this hormone are for everyone. HGH treatment was initially given to children to encourage growth but now it is also given to adults to reverse ageing and enhance energy levels. Body builders use this hormone and its supplements for better performance and for lean muscle mass. It is also beneficial to those who wish to lose weight.

Other benefits include increase in bone density and muscle mass. Therefore, there is no age requirement for HGH treatment. It can be given to anyone who needs it. However, one important that should be noted here is that increased HGH levels may also reduced life expectancy and should thereby be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

HGH Administration

HGH can be administered via injections. But these injections should not be given without a doctor’s prescription. In fact, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before you begin with HGH treatment. Inform him about any medical condition that you may have and also about the medications and supplements that you may be taking.

However, HGH injections are expensive with the cost exceeding $2000 per month. You have to complete the course to get actual results. However, with so many companies marketing HGH, a cheaper option is now available in the form of HGH supplements. They are gaining popularity due to their cost.

Age is not a consideration for HGH treatment though your health is. If you are suffering from any serious ailments like diabetes or tumors, you must take precautions and should not exceed the recommended dosage.

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