Tips about Hormone replacement therapy-HRT-risks

Hormone replacement therapy is a boon of science that has been used over the years for regulation of the hormones in the human body. However, one growing cause of concern in this field is that there are a number of risks associated with HRT. Therefore, before you actually think of going in for the procedure, there are few tips that could clear the air about the supposed precaution and the concerns for the same.

  • The risks highlighted- A large number of women who go in for HRT  do so to avoid the problems that menopause brings in. In a large number of cases, HRT seems the only way out of the hot flashes, the vaginal dryness and the like that a woman in menopausal stage goes through. However, the procedure brings in the risk of facing cardiovascular disorders in the long run. Though this can happen to anybody, it is advised that women intending to go for hormonal replacement procedures should lead as healthy a lifestyle as possible. It is better that you avoid putting on extra weight and also avoid smoking or drinking in large measure. Of course you must have heard all this ample times right? However, the seriousness you associated with these was just never enough!
  • Tips related to alternatives- A tip that could stand you in good stead if you are keen on curtailing the after-effects of menopause is that there are natural alternatives available as well that could delay the need for hormone replacement therapy unless you find the menopausal symptoms unbearable. Check out various natural herbs for fighting these problems. However, a word of caution here is that, you must never pop in a pill without talking out with your doctor.
  • In case you have any of the problems mentioned below, HRT must be avoided at all costs-
  • Unattributed bleeding in the vagina
  • Breast cancer history
  • Uterus related disorders are cancer history
  • History of liver related diseases
  • History of cardiovascular diseases
  • Blood clotting in veins
Therefore, now that the possible risks associated with hormone replacement therapy stands clear, you shall be in a position to make a better judgment. In fact the mode of the hormone replacement –oral or transdermal too affects the body in varying degrees. Analyze all the nitty grittties associated with the concept. Go for a thorough medical check up, and then take a decision based on proper medical guidance and consultation.

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