How is IGF-1 Related to Human Growth Hormone?

If you are looking for ways to undergo a growth spurt for building muscles or to be of a taller height, you are not alone. There are many like you who hanker after stimulating human growth hormones to bring about an augmented growth in mass, stature and height. However, even before you plunge into the details of growth spurt procedure, it is worthwhile to get enlightened about another essential factor that is closely associated with this, namely IGF-1. IGF, an abbreviated term for Insulin-like Growth Hormone, IGF is a polypeptide protein hormone that plays an important role in inducing growth in children and accentuating mass and muscle strength in adults. The reason for the hormone being called Insulin-like is its essential nature of bearing resemblance with insulin. If you get to take a glimpse at the interior structure of the IGF-1, you will be able to witness a single chain of as many as seventy amino acids which are arranged meticulously.

  • Relationship Between HGH and IGF-1

Insulin-like growth hormone is secreted in your bloodstream when the levels of your HGH are augmented which in turn stimulates the liver to produce the above polypeptide protein. As your body witnessed higher levels of the Insulin-like growth hormone, there is a regeneration of the muscle as well as increase in the muscle volumes. Hence, with the increase in levels of the IGF, you get higher muscle mass as well as escalated efficacy of the same.

  • Relationship between IGF and Growth

“Growth spurt” is a term which you must be familiar with since you attained your puberty and saw your peers craving for accomplishing a skyrocketing increase in heights and mass. Did you ever think what causes this growth spurt during puberty? It is in reality the Insulin-like growth hormone which works in unison with HGH to bring about the sudden growth in adolescents. Such has been the craze about this hormone that pharmacists and chemists have now embarked on producing supplements of the hormone to stimulate growth.,  Here is how Insulin-like growth hormone and the varied supplements help in growth of adolescents as well as adults desiring to undergo muscle augmentation.

In Adolescents- During puberty, there is an escalated secretion of Insulin-like growth hormone as well as HGH which acts on the cartilage tissues of long bones in your body to make them grow taller. The cartilage cells are also referred to as epiphyseal plates and these culminate into bones towards the end of the pubertal cycle.

In Adults –The IGF-1 promotes growth in adults through enhancing strength of muscles as well as lessening the fat content in the body. It also makes you look younger and vibrant by solving problems of ageing such as wrinkles and skin sagging as well as endowing your skin with that perfect glow.

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