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This is another scam, man! My money is gone again on this one hell of a fu**ing HGH supplement. It said 3 weeks to see the results....I’m done. 3 weeks are over, dude. And I see nothin’ GenF20 Plus doesn’t work! I’m gonna ask for my money back now.”  ~ Mike Andrews, California

This testimonial was among one of the initial testimonials received by us around 5 years back. You may ask, how long has GenF20 being in the market then? Well, it has been 8 glorious years! Every bit of reputation earned by this product in all these years has made it where it stands today as the best HGH supplement in the market.

Hype Created by Manufacturers of GenF20 Plus

Best HGH supplement? But the above testimonial says it doesn’t work...right? Yes but don’t be confused! We are not going to counterattack the above testimonial. What has been written in the above testimonial is not entirely wrong. The truth is, much like other product manufacturers, even the manufacturers of GenF20 Plus are flawed marketers.

Although the product does comply to all the claims made by them in their banner ads, the hype of seeing noticeable results in 2-3 weeks, rightfully leaves some people disappointed. Scratching the truth beyond this exaggerated marketing gimmick, we suggest that you try GenF20 Plus for 5-6 weeks at least to see the results and you will be all set on a rejuvenated new life like millions of other users of GenF20 Plus.

Another over the top marketing gimmick of GenF20 suggests that it can make you feel like 20 again. Now if you are anyone with sane mind, you probably already know that you cannot expect to look and hop like a 20 year old when you are 60 or 70 years old.

For those who were going by the word, be sure that it’s not true. It’s only to a certain extent that science can fight with the natural process of aging. After all, there is no magic potion in real life. Talk about reversing 10-20 years of your life – that can be done!

GenF20 Plus Testimonials

In fact, read user testimonials for GenF20 Plus and you will have a solid evidence that it is all true. Here’s what some of the testimonials received from this website have to say:

Sluggishness, creaking joints, and restless nights...I’ve accepted them all as a part of my lifestyle. Then one fine day I found about GenF20 Plus while searching for human growth hormone and my life has never been the same again. I sleep like a baby now. I am a happy, active mother of two, taking care of things both inside and outside the house. Life’s a never stopping rollerscoaster for me now. But I’d rather have it this way than to spend it on a chair all life long. ~ Mary Jones, NYC

Apart from my diminishing baggy eyes and sagging skin, I somehow noticed that negative thoughts do not bother me as much now as it used to before I started using GenF20 Plus. I’m 64 now, btw. And I recommend this product to everyone. ~ Kim Dias, Switzerland

Didn’t work for me. But I got my refund from GenF20 manufacturers within 15 days. ~ Leon Crane, Ft. Lauderdale

Where do I start? I’m thankful to GenF20 for my flex biceps. I have seen the pulsating strength take over me in the gym in the past 3 months. It’s so satisfying to lift weights that I used to take on when I was 30. I’m now 52 and I feel the same vigor. And my wife contributes her share of gratitude for what it has done to our sex life. The fireworks in bed are amzing! ~ David Schoowalter, Canada

Climbing stairs seemed to be a task for me until 6 months before. I was close to being bed-ridden and was gradually becoming totally dependent on my family members for my everyday tasks. My wife bought GenF20 Plus to get the firm, wrinkle-free skin. While it worked wonders for her skin, it even imparted her with a great energetic vibe. I later tried it more out of curiosity to verify the remaining claims that are stated on their website. I now go for a walk in the garden downstairs all by myself. Proud! ~ Neil Adams, Texas

GenF20 Plus Benefits

Okay, so after a thorough analysis of all the testimonials received and our poll results over time, here’s what we concluded about the benefits of GenF20 Plus:

  1. Better Defined Body - Reduced body fat, easy weight loss, improved lean muscle mass
  2. Enhanced Nail Strength and Hair Texture
  3. Improved Focus - Better Sleep Quality and Mental Agility    
  4. Firm Skin and Youthful Radiance – No crows’ feet, age spots, laugh lines, or wrinkles
  5. Enhanced sex drive and stamina
  6. Improved Life Quality - Elated Moods, accelerated metabolism, improved memory, lower choletserol levels, improved bone density, et al

Is it Safe to Use GenF20 Plus?

Millions of people have been ranting to us about their GenF20 experience in glorious words since the past 5 years. Out of the total 2784 user testimonials received by us till date, no one ever reported any serious issues they encountered with this product. In fact, being manufactured in cGMP certified laboratories in USA is itself enough proof that it is absolutely safe to take GenF20 Plus.

GenF20 Plus Results

Only 83 testimonials received out of a total of 2784 testimonials sounded disappointed by the results. This also included many people who wrote to say that they got duly refunded by the manufacturer, as stated in their 67-day money back guarantee on their official website. The success rate of GenF20 thereby comes out to be almost 97%, which is definitely commendable.

In the end, we have only one request, in case you decide to buy GenF20 Plus, please make sure you give it some time before you conclude that it does or doesn’t work for you. Do not be swayed by the claim of seeing results in 2-3 weeks and give the product a fair chance of at least 5-6 weeks to work for you. 

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