What is the Role of Thyroid Hormone in the human body?

Right since you had the science classes in junior school; one common term you have been reading about is that of hormones.  Now it must be clear knowledge to you that there are a number of hormones present in our body. One of these is the thyroid hormone that is secreted by the thyroid gland. Of course, as all other fluids in our body, the thyroid hormone too is of indispensible importance. Right from growth control to fulfillment of the oxygen requirements of the human body, the hormone plays a valuable role in everything.

  1. Other vital functions-
    • Moreover, the hormone secreted by the thyroid gland plays a vital role in the regulation of body temperature.
    • Ketone is one important substance that needs to be present in the right measure in our bodies. The thyroid hormone-TH- helps maintain this balance. In fact, if the TH balance itself fluctuates, a number of body organs including the kidney could go haywire.

    In fact each of your cells in the body is affected in some measure due to the TH. Surprised? This is why the role played by the hormone is unmatched by any other fluid in the human body.

  2. How TH affects the systems of the body?
    • The TH also helps in   increasing the metabolism of the body by enhancing the rates at which the body cells use up oxygen.
    • The presence of TH makes the cardio vascular system more sensitive in response to the nervous system of the sympathetic variant.
    • The force of the muscular contraction in the heart along with the increase in the heart rate is governed by TH.
    • The hormone also aids in the maintaining of the normal sensitivity that the respiratory center shows as per the changes in the concentrations of the respiratory gases.
    • Furthermore, the formation of the red blood cells too is stimulated by the TH.
    • TH helps stimulate endocrinal activity and skeletal development.
Sometimes, there is an imbalance that comes into the level of the Thyroid hormone that causes hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. There are artificial supplements available like the human growth hormone pills that can be used to curtail this deficiency along with relevant medical procedures. Moreover, for such deficiency, there are special medications and dietary habits that are prescribed as well. Since the role that TH has is major, any chance of a deficiency occurring is alarming. It is suggested that tests are performed if the doctor feels the slightest doubt at there arising an imbalance in TH level of the human body.

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